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ComputerShelter's Privacy Policy
We believe strongly in user privacy.
Just like you, we have piles of spam in our INBOX every day, and just like you, it drives us postal. So, this is our pledge to you:

Your details will NOT leave our site. Nothing you tell us will be given to any other company or persons, in exchange for money or otherwise.

Your personal eMail address is only displayed on the ComputerShelter website in the Contact Curator function, and will ALWAYS be encoded.

Your real name, IP address, street address (unless given for an Open Home), password and colour of your socks will NEVER be released to anyone.

No account details EXCEPT your account name is stored in your cookie, and that has a unique checksum to provide authentication of that username, to prevent possible cookie tampering.

If the above is ever breached it will be due to someone stealing the server and taking it home, in which case you still have the right to come around to our houses and give us a damned good drubbing.